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You are invited to the opening of the exhibition RIPPLING WATER by Pernelle Maegaard and Nina Maria Kleivan (our May Nes short stay residents) on:

Saturday the 12th of May 17:00 - 18:00 at
Salthús guesthouse, Einbúastígur 3, Skagaströnd.
RIPPLING WATER  is an art project about healing the world by the use of water. All healings are being recorded by photos and short texts. The healing can be used everywhere, where changes are needed. The project aims at the world as an inclusive gesture. We don’t conceive it as a mysterious ritual, this is to say that everybody has the power to heal.
If you want a part in healing the world, just perform the ritual. Take a photo of it, and describe what you have healed. Send the material to us, and you will be included, as the exhibition continues out into the world.
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